Cathy Hilton

Director & Professional Coach

ThriveMinds isn’t just my business, it’s my passion as I’m fascinated by human behaviour. I get a thrill from exploring with my clients what their behaviour, and the feelings this has generated, has really gifted them.

I started my career in the Pharma Industry in the late 90’s, at that time I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I moved around the industry from Quality Assurance, to IT System functionality and delivery, to finally ending my time in the industry as a Project Manager for IT system design and exploitation. Throughout the entire period I was fascinated by human behaviour and always approached everything I did from the human element. My interest grew over the years into a passion which I had to follow and I embarked on a Psychology degree with the Open University in 2007. I was hooked on the subject from the first chapter of the first text book and was inspired and intrigued by the subject throughout my six years of study. As my degree drew to an end so did my time in the Pharma industry as I was made redundant. I took this as a sign to have psychology not just as a passion but also as my career, so I set up ThriveMinds.

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