The importance of your working environment

The importance of your working environment


It may seem unimportant but your working environment can actually have a big impact on your self-motivation, your productivity and your stress levels. Different people work better in different environments – some people prefer the buzz and background noise of an open-plan office and some people prefer the quiet and privacy of their own space; some people prefer the social aspect of working in an office and others prefer working alone at home.

It’s important to work out what sort of person you are; what motivates you, what distracts you and what causes stress. It may not be possible to change your working environment completely – if your company operates an open-plan office then you will need to work in that environment – but it is possible to identify triggers in your working environment that are affecting your work and state of mind and learn how to address them.

Hot-desking can be a particular stress trigger for some people – the lack of continuity, the constant change of surroundings and people, and the fact you can’t personalise your desk with familiar items, can cause some people to struggle with self-motivation.

Coaching can help you identify your self-motivation, how you work best and coping strategies for different working environments in order to increase your resilience and improve your productivity, both personally and professionally.

Here at ThriveMinds we deliver one-to-one coaching for people who would like to explore these subjects further. We also offer group sessions for organisations who would like to help their employees improve their resilience and motivation. Contact us for more details if you’d like to find out more.

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